Mi Smart Speaker (Google assistant) and Mi Smart color bulb combo Pack (Black)


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You can welcome the smart revolution and accentuate your home interiors by installing the Mi LED Bulb with Google Assistant Smart Speaker combo. Intelligent and powerful, this combo consists of a LED bulb and a Smart speaker that can be controlled with simple voice commands. You can liven up your home with an immersive sonic and light experience by using this combo. Additionally, this combo enables hassle-free installation without requiring any bridge or hub.

Key Highlights-

Easy Voice Control

The Mi LED Bulb with Google Assistant Smart Speaker combo lets you effortlessly sync the LED bulb with the Smart speaker using the Google Home App. After syncing, you can say ‘Ok Google’ and control the light, change the hue, and do more with just your voice.

Google Assistant Support

The Smart speaker of this combo supports Google Assistant, thereby letting you use simple voice commands for controlling the speaker. With the help of Google Assistant, you can also monitor the LED bulb of this combo, switch it on or off, schedule when it gets turned off or on, and change its brightness with ease.

Powerful LED Bulb

The LED bulb and Smart speaker combine to offer an immersive lighting and sonic experience along with a long-lasting lifespan. You can place this bulb anywhere around your home and choose from its approximately 16 million colours to revamp the ambience of your home as per your preference.

Just Plug and Use

This combo offers hassle-free installation as it does not require a bridge or a hub. All you have to do is, plug in the speaker and the bulb to enjoy their stellar features. This way, you can enhance your home’s ambience and reap the benefits of a smart home.


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