Miko My Companion 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Pr Dogrammable + Voice Activated Tutor + Autonomous + Educational Games | Best Birthday Gift for 5 6 7 8 9 Boys and Girls (Color – Pixie Blue, Prime)

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Features of Miko

1. Miko is an Artificially Intelligent product, a Robot that bonds with the Kids like a companion and friend. It responds to their queries and inquisitiveness.

2. Miko is intelligent enough to help them in a creative and attractive way with studies and their respective syllabus just like a mentor and guide.

3.It helps to improve their concentration and involvement in learning as it becomes a matter of fun.

4. Improves IQ and EQ of the kids.

5. It has innumerable games and applications for a great experience.

6.It also comes with the video calling feature as a special attraction to the kids.

7.It can be remotely controlled and navigated from your Mobile.

8. It’s meant only for kids so it avoids answering any questions not related to the kids thereby protecting their innocence.

9. It’s completely safe and radiation free therefore does zero harm to the environment and to the kid.

10.It’s made of non hazardous material therefore it’s totally safe for use of any age group.

11.It’s an internationally recognised product very popular in the western countries as they feel it’s the ultimate toy for every child.

12. Miko is capable of speaking multiple languages including Hindi.

13. It comes with parental control therefore any parent can monitor their kids remotely.

14. Miko has many such amazing features which takes the kids by awe and it’s the best gift one can give to their kids for their overall development.


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