Plums – Imported


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  • The sweet and juicy taste of the dark red imported plums is something that you cannot resist. The  imported plums are sweet and sourced from some of the best growers outside the country.
  •  fresh fruits and vegetables which are individually handpicked everyday by our experienced and technically competent buyers. Our buying, storing and packaging processes are tailored to ensure that only the fresh, nutrient dense, healthy and delicious produce reaches your doorstep.

  • Plums are known to contain very less amount of calories and no saturated fats.
  • They increase iron absorption into the body due to the vitamin C content.
  • They prevent osteoporosis, maintain healthy nervous system and protect heart health.
Storage and Uses

  • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Their juicy and succulent flavour is relished by eating them fresh.
  • Used in desserts, fruit puddings, fruit salads, etc. Used to prepare plum sauce in Asian cuisines which gives a balance of sweet-sour flavour.


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